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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Never The Less A Wonderful Journey !

"I carry a lot of load of things pleasant and unpleasant that have passed by. I get so much engrossed and encompassed by the near past and distant past, so much so that I forget this very moment be it pleasant or unpleasant. It has indeed been a wonderful journey for me to learn to be in the present in the moment right now here and now. At times I realise, that this very moment seems to be endless ... and at times I feel it is so momentary ... how do I make space in that, how do I live the most in this now and here movement. This very moment, this now and here moment seems so momentary... how do live in that ... how do I be fully with it.... it seems to slip all the time. And I get either into past or future. Lot to explore .... lot to introspect .... lot to meditate. Never the less a wonderful journey." - LbnRaj ; ; ;